Why shop with us

Every purchase you make has a lasting impact on someone affected by dementia. 

100% of our profits are used to support people affected by dementia across the UK. You are making a difference to their lives and giving them vital support,

care and advice to help them live life to the fullest. 

Your money could go towards giving someone living with dementia a help card. This means that they can access help and support in their own community

without needing to explain their story. 

It might also go towards funding Talking Point, our online dementia community. Available 24/7, anyone affected by dementia can log on and speak to peers in the

same situation. It creates meaningful connections and allows someone affected by dementia to feel part of a community and less isolated. 

It could also go towards life changing research into dementia. We fund researchers who are working on incredible projects from preventing dementia, to making

life easier for those with dementia, to one day, finding a cure for dementia. 

Your purchase today will make an enormous difference to the life of someone affected by dementia. Thank you.