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The sing along CD contains 21 of the most popular songs from the song book.

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Traditional Folk Songs.

  1. John Brown's Body (3)
  2. John Peel (5)
  3. Cockles & Mussels (7)
  4. Men of Harlech (9)
  5. There is a Tavern in the Town  (15)
  6. Loch Lomond (22)
  7. My Bonnie is over the Ocean (23)

Choruses from Old Time Variety 

        8. I'm Henery The Eighth I am (29)

        9. Let's all go down the Strand (31)

       10. The Man Who broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (33)

       11. After the Ball (37)

       12. I love a Lassie (39)

       13. Joshu- ah (40)

Songs from World War II

       14. The White Cliffs of Dover (46) 

       15. Roll out the Barrel (47)

       16. Run, Rabbit, Run (48)

       17. Lilli Marlene (49)

       19. The Washing on the Siegfried Line (51)

       20. We'll Meet Again (52)

       21. Auld Long Syne (100)

In Search of Our Throwaway History 
If you’ve ever had a conversation that begins ‘Do you remember when?...’ then this is a DVD for you.
It’s the story of the things we buy, use and then throwaway every day. The everyday things that we eat, drink and use to keep ourselves clean and healthy. Things that we don’t really take much notice of at the time, but then if we rediscover them 10, 20, 30 years later (particularly those things that are no longer available) we realise how important they were to us and how they’ve shaped our lives.
Stuffed full of all our favourite brands, this feature length documentary is a new and entertaining way of looking at history – with a powerful nostalgic punch!

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