Radio Days: Classic Radio Shows From The 40s And 50s

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Radio days is a boxed set of 3 CD’s that takes a dip into the true golden age of radio, from the war years through to the arrival of television.

In RADIO DAYS, we take a dip into the true golden age of radio, from the war years through to the coming of television. In those years, the BBC built its reputation as the greatest, most respected broadcasting organisation in the world and gave the British people scores of magical programmes. The very best of them were destined to leave an indelible mark on the culture of the nation.

We focus here on three shows that became part of the very fabric of life during those sometimes difficult post-war years; Workers’ Playtime, Housewives’ Choice and Family Favourites. Yet, though each was the product of a particular time and imperative, all three shows were so popular that they lasted for literally decades. This collection is our tribute to the makers, personalities and voices who made these milestone programmes possible. 

Key features:

  • Box set of 3 CD's
  • Includes music from the war years through to the coming of television. 

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