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This is not another book about dementia, or even a book about people with dementia which would make it a little different, but this is really quite unique in that it is written by a group of people who each have a diagnosis of dementia, and who want to share some stories from their lives alongside expressing some thoughts surrounding inhabiting the world of dementia from the inside.

One suspects some pieces of writing will make you smile and hopefully laugh out loud, some will provoke thoughts and take you to familiar and new places in your deepest consciousness, whilst others may well bring a lump to your throat. This clearly was the effect for celebrity comedian and Alzheimer's Society Ambassador Jo Brand who has written a touching and funny foreword especially for the book. The authors are a diverse group of people many of them have never written anything beyond letters and emails before so this was an exciting challenge for them. Everyone connected to this project and book hopes that you feel uplifted by the experience of sharing some of their memories.

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