Pivotell Advance Automatic Pill Dispenser

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At the pre-programmed times, the dispenser rotates, the alarm signal is heard, and the correct dosage comes into view through the opening in the lid. A self-locking shutter over the lid opening prevents access to the medication tray except at the time that medication is programmed to be available.

For those on a complex pill regime, taking the right dose at the right time can be confusing and difficult. A key benefit of the Pivotell Advance dispenser is that it makes the correct dose, and only the correct dose, available at the correct time. All other pills are safely locked in the dispenser out of sight, helping prevent an incorrect dose or an overdose being taken. Better management of medication enables a person: 

• to enjoy an improved quality of life 

• to remain independent at home for longer and 

• to be less reliant on family members, health and social care services. 

The Pivotell' Advance' dispenser includes a medication tray with 28 compartments. It can be programmed to alarm and present up to 24 doses daily. When the dispenser lid is closed the shutter locks making the medication tray inaccessible. At a dosage time the tray advances clockwise and the shutter is released. The alarm sounds and the light will flashes to alert the user. The medication can be accessed by tilting the dispenser through 90 degrees. The shutter swings open as the dispenser is tilted allowing the medication to fall out. The medication should be poured into the hand or a suitable container. Once medication has been dispensed by the user and it has been returned to the horizontal position the shutter locks making the medication tray once again inaccessible. If the medication is not dispensed by the user within the programmed alarm time (the ‘After’ time: 5min–5hrs) the shutter locks and thereby makes the medication that remains in the open pill compartment but which has not been taken by the user inaccessible. This prevents the user taking the dose shortly before the next dose is due and therefore potentially double dosing. 


DISPLAY: the LCD display is visible though the lid allowing the user and carer to view: 

• the date and time 

• the time that the next dose is due 

• number of doses remaining 

• the battery level When horizontal the display show the Date and the Time in sequence. 

At the Alarm Time the display shows ’Take Med’ This LCD display feature is of particular benefit to carers / family members who are able to make a visual check on the status of the dispenser without having to open it. 

BATTERIES: It is be possible to use both Alkaline AA and re-chargeable batteries. 

TRANSPORT: The dispenser can be transported upside down. If a dosage time occurs when the dispenser is upside down it will alarm as usual but the tray will not move forward. If the dispenser is upside down for some time the dispenser records on how many occasions it should have dispensed medication and when returned to the upright position it will move to the correct position for the next scheduled dose so that the correct medication for that day and time will be presented.


Pivotell Advance dispenser, Key, Battery Cover Securing Screw, Operating Instructions, Pharmacy Label Carrier, label clip and time discs

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