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Alzheimer’s Society’s Innovations team gained insight from a wide range of experts and stakeholders including people affected by dementia and care home staff, to understand the challenge and to create a solution for care home staff to be better equipped, better supported and more supporting, when it comes to the sex, intimacy and relationship needs of residents living with dementia.

Key features

Lift the Lid provides all the tools needed for care homes to run their own creative workshops to:

  • challenge perceptions around sex, intimate relationships and people affected by dementia
  • provide a framework for respectful management of in-the-moment situations
  • help align on a shared set of values and actions for your care home

How it works

Lift the Lid is designed to be delivered as a 2-3 hour long workshop.

Alternatively, you can easily divide it into 3 individual modules lasting 30-45 minutes each.

What’s included?

Lift the Lid: 1

Length: 46 cm

Width : 40 cm

Height : 6cm

Weight: 2.2 kg

Contents :

  • Lift the Lid leaflet
  • Facilitator guide
  • Activity 1 : True / False game cards x 10
  • True / False statement cards x 10
  • Activity 2: Follow the HEART framework
  • Follow the HEART scenario cards x 10
  • Follow the HEART folding takeaway x 10 in the box, with additional 90 supplied.
  • Activity 3: Plan for Change suggestion cards x 10
  • Plan for Change action sheets x 10 (A4)
  • Your views before - printable sheets x 10

* Contents include all the materials needed to run the workshop 10 times for 10 participants (100 participants in total).

What people say

‘Be brave and Lift the lid ... it’s right to do this, people need us to do this. Couples may think that romance, sex, intimacy and their personal relationship is out of bounds when one partner is living in a care home and we do nothing now to support them to think otherwise – this has opened my eyes!’

Michelle, Care Home Manager

‘Lift the lid, normalises a conversation that is needed but kept hidden…The activities give staff an understanding, ability and confidence to respond in an appropriate, respectful manner, and to not react out of embarrassment and fear. This should be about dignified care and this will help us to provide that’.

Jessica, Team Leader

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Is it right for you?

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