Force Shoe - Black, Unisex

Force Shoe - Black, Unisex
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Crafted for comfort and with a discreet zip that opens around the back of the shoe, you can slip this lightweight and wide-fit shoe on and off with ease. 

  • Easy Shoe Access creates larger entry portals and is easier to pull than straight, lateral or wrap-around zippers
  • Tie the laces once, then use the zip for access
  • Fits wider feet, swelling and orthotics with the wide-expanding upper and generous toe-box depth.
  • Fly knit and suede materials
  • Padded heel collar helps stabilize feet and feels great
  • Removable memory foam insoles provide cushion and absorb shock, helping reduce pain and impact
  • Anti-slip outsoles for increased stability on slick surfaces
  • Smooth breathable linings
  • Lightweight
  • Eligible for VAT Exemption

Friendly Shoes is making footwear accessible for everyone with its easy-on shoes. Created by an occupational therapist, the company is helping people who couldn't previously find comfortable, functional and supportive footwear to fit. 

The easier a pair of shoes is to get on and more comfortable they are, the happier your loved one will be wearing them. This is exactly why all our shoes have discreet, deep zips all the way down the side, or round the back of the shoe to open them right up (and we really mean that – the side zip on the Friendly Force lets you see the whole width and length of the inner shoe). They make getting dressed so much easier – for both individuals and carers.

Lightweight and wide-fitting (with an E fitting), the roomy shoes are comfortable for people with wide and swollen feet, and give another option to people who largely wear house shoes and slippers.

Friendly Shoes come with removable memory foam insoles for added comfort. These can be replaced with individual orthotics for extra support too.

These specially designed shoes are eligible for VAT exemption.

If you have any questions about sizing (or anything else to do with shoes!), get in touch with Friendly Shoes on and they will help you.

20% of the sale price goes to Alzheimer’s Society, supporting people with dementia and ultimately finding a cure.

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