Jelly Drops

Jelly Drops
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Jelly Drops are award-winning sweets designed to boost water intake, developed with support from the Alzheimer’s Society’s Accelerator Programme. These bright, engaging drops can help people living with dementia stay on top of their fluids, independently and enjoyably!

- Each tray contains 300ml of water

- Each snack pot contains 5 jelly Drops 

- Made of 95% water and added electrolytes

- Sugar free, vegan and with no laxative effect

- Solid texture, they don’t burst but are easy to chew

- 6 delicious natural flavours: strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, orange, lemon and lime

- Currently not suitable for people with swallowing difficulties


"The jelly drops are amazing and such a fantastic idea,  I'm absolutely over the moon to say my Grandma who has Alzheimer's is loving eating the jelly drops and even ask for more when she has finished.""

- AH, December 2020

Jelly Drops are designed to supplement normal fluid intake - ideal for anyone who forgets to drink, doesn't feel thirst, or just has a sweet tooth!

The idea behind Jelly Drops came when Lewis Hornby’s own grandmother Pat was admitted to hospital due to dehydration. Pat, who had dementia, spent 24 hours on IV fluids in hospital before thankfully making a full recovery. Lewis was left wondering how something so small could have a potentially life-threatening impact.

Lewis then spent a month in his grandmother’s care home, consulting with doctors, dementia specialists 

and speech and language therapists before developing the sweet you can see today.

“I am so happy that I am able to now get hold of Jelly Drops, which are for my Mum who has Alzheimer's disease. Fluid intake has been a big issue. This has been made all the worse by the limitations on family members visiting Mum's care home during the pandemic. Jelly Drops seem to have been a big hit and it is reassuring for us to know that Mum has another source of fluids, which she enjoys, rather than someone having to remind mum to drink a glass of water or juice.”  
SM, November 2020

10% of the purchase price goes to Alzheimer’s Society, supporting people with dementia and ultimately finding a cure.

Call 0808 164 8977 (free of charge) to place an order. Please note that availability will differ throughout the day. Please leave a message and Jelly Drops will get back to you as quickly as possible