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Lady listening to the white coloured easy music player and radio whilst drinking from a mug sat in her kitchen.

Helpful Everyday Products catalogue 2023/24

The 2023/24 Helpful Everyday Products catalogue is available to download.

It features our range of products designed to help with everyday life for people living with dementia and those supporting them including carers. These include easy to use telephones, clocks, reminders, adaptive clothing and a selection of entertaining games and activities.

To ensure that we are offering you the best selection, we take great care in choosing products for the Online Shop and our helpful everyday products are tested and reviewed by people with dementia, carers and support workers. These products can have a positive and life-changing effect on people affected by dementia, and they can help to maintain independence, stimulate cognitive function or provide enjoyment. 

If you would like a catalogue posted to you please call our team on 0333 366 0035 (local rate) or email


Winter catalogue 2024

Our winter catalogue showcasing some of our new gifts and Christmas essentials, from Christmas cards and wrap, to gifts for people living with dementia and other presents for family and friends will be available from September 2024.


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