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Eco Seed Happy Forever Penguins - Single Card



Plant the Card - Happy Forever PenguinsThis makes a wonderfully different valentine, engagement, or wedding card.Have fun with the concept that you can plant the card and it will grow wildflowers.

Our Eco friendly greeting cards are not like others; the paper is handmade from 100% recycled paper and seeds. After the card has been gifted the WHOLE card can be planted in a garden and with just a bit of water and light and love grow into beautiful flowers.

Plantable paper is a biodegradable eco-paper that is made with post-consumer materials (no trees harmed for this paper!) and embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away. All that is left behind is flowers, and no waste, it's easy to plant and grow.

Key Features

Our paper and envelopes are both made from 100% recycled paper.

The cards are packaged in a clear biodegradable and compostable bag which are made in the UK from vegetable starch.

Our wildflowers are great for the bees.

Planting flowers that produce pollen and nectar, especially during the weeks when crops are not blooming, help to provide nutrition to honey bees throughout the entire season.

Size: A6

How to grow Plantable paper in your garden

1. Loosen the soil.

2. Soak the seed paper in water overnight.

3. Plant the wet seed paper in the prepared soil, at a depth of about 1/4 inch.

4. Water well, especially during the first four to six weeks

5. Practice weed control.

The seed mix, used in all of our seed paper, features smaller seeds for a smoother surface. It also grows well in most regions.

Corn Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)

Catchfly (silene armeria)

English Daisy (bellis Perennis)

Sweet Alyssum (loblaria maritime)

Spurred Snapdragon (linaria maroccana)

Black Eyed Susan (rudbeckia hirta)


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