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Iron-on forget-me-not patch



Show your support for Alzheimer's Society by wearing our bright, new forget-me-not flower patch on any piece of your clothing or bag (as long as it is ok to be ironed!)

Key features

 Can be ironed (or sewn) onto products.


Preparation. Make sure that the backing of the patch is clear of any debris such as hairs, fuzz, lint or dirt. Next, you need to know what kind of fabric you are ironing the patch onto.

Choose the right temperature. If you're putting a patch on clothing — jeans or a shirt, for example — follow the iron setting mentioned on the care tag. If there is no care tag, it's better to be safe than sorry, so use a lower heat, but keep the iron on the patch long enough for the adhesive back to melt and fuse with the fabric. We also recommend covering the patch with a piece of fabric or parchment paper before ironing so you don't burn it.

Iron on. Depending on the size of the patch, try to use just the tip of the iron while adding on the patch. Start from the middle of the patch to act as an anchor and move out from there. Keep in mind that the adhesive backing on an iron-on patch needs to fully melt to bond onto the fabric.

Let it rest. Once you are sure that the adhesive has bonded, take the iron off of the patch, and let your fabric and patch rest and cool down a bit. After about 5 to 10 minutes, you can lift the fabric vertically and see if there are any spots where the patch hasn't fully fused. If necessary, repeat the process until the patch is fully bonded.

Keep in mind: Some materials, like leather or heat-sensitive synthetics, are prone to scorching and heat damage/melting, so it's best to sew on patches for any items with this type of more delicate construction.


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