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Tilt-to-pour Uccello Kettle - all white

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Uccello Kettle, the safe pour, tipping kettle. Helps with:
  • Ease and simplicity
  • Dexterity and visual aid

This lightweight kettle design was specifically designed for those with limited reach, mobility, dexterity and strength. The rotating cradle of the Uccello kettle, means you only have to 'tilt-to-pour', eliminating any lifting, straining, or trying to balance and aim when pouring hot water! The red and white design is ideal for those with visual impairment or living with dementia.

 Key features
  • it has a wide base, making it stable and difficult to tip over
  • red colour is high visibility and additional reminder that it boils 'hot' water
  • 1.5 litre capacity
  • stainless steel heating element with auto shut-off with overheating protection
  • removable stainless steel anti-scale filter
  • water level indicator
  • power on light
  • sturdy base with non-slip feet
  • quiet boiling
  • made from polypropylene, a thermoplastic plastic which is BPA free
How it works 

The Uccello kettle can be lifted from its cradle to be filled from the tap, or filled whilst resting in the cradle from a cup or jug. Once the kettle has boiled, a cup can be placed on the counter in front of the cradle and the kettle can be tilted to pour hot water in a controlled manner effortlessly into a cup. The Uccello grip mat can also be purchased and positioned in front of the kettle, so that there is an obvious non-slip mat to place the cup on.

What’s included

Kettle: 1

Cradle: 1

Mains power cable: 1

2 year warranty

What people say

Our products are tested and reviewed by people living with dementia and their carers to make sure they are fit for purpose. We use the feedback to decide which products to stock and to help with the information and advice we give.

Reviewed by Stan and Joan (April 2022):

"I find it much easier to handle because I don’t have to lift it and can pour first by tipping the kettle, which is a great help with my tremor. Because of where the filling indicator is it is better for me (Stan) to fill the kettle from a separate container. If we want two cups, we have to fill the kettle to the 1 litre mark in order to pour the water without lifting the kettle. Because of this it is not as economical as our old kettle and therefore it uses more electricity, which is such an important issue at this particular time with energy costs rising so much. However, we do both like the kettle, and we will continue to use it. We like the design of the kettle, it is rather quirky and appealing to the eye. We like that! "

Reviewed by John and Joyce (April 2022): "We have enjoyed using this kettle. It was comfortable to use, lightweight in or out of the cradle, quiet, quick, and generated less steam." They found it to be "economical (uses less electricity - assessed by checking the smart meter)" and the it was good as it encouraged them "to not overfill and heat water unnecessarily ".

We encourage customers to review our products so if you decide to make a purchase we would be very pleased if you could add a review.

Is it right for you?

To help you decide if this is the right product for you please read our advice on choosing the right products to help people living with dementia.


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